It is evident that the pandemic, besides leading to a severe morbidity and morality, has serious emotional, social and economic consequences which can have long term consequences. COVID-19 has manifested its more darker aspects in the form of Depression, anxiety disorders, stress reactions, suicides, alcoholism , matrimonial disputes, substance abuse, and acute psychotic disorders . People are caught in the rigmarole of uncertainties of future market economies, job perspectives, physical and mental issues, anxiety, depression, loss of social interactions and so on.

Resorting to face mask to cordon off covid-19 may only physically protect you but how about masking yourself from CORONA mentally?. When you mentally mask yourself , you are able to build strong immunity thereby eliminating any vulnerability to covid-19 . By mentally masking yourself, you can surely overcome these challenges posed by covid-19. So shield yourself with YOGA AND MEDITATION and be a corona warrior and not corona victim or survivor.

What makes yoga so Special?

Yoga is a form of spiritual, mental and physical practices and is
considered as a way of life. Yoga is misunderstood more as a posture based physical fitness
and stress relaxation technique. Infact yoga not only targets wellness of specific organs but that
of the whole body in a holistic manner. Its sincere practice can build Endurance, strength,
Flexibility and Balance. Yoga improves immunity in our body in three-fold manner. Firstly, it
improves the efficiency and reach of cells of our immunity system by energizing the lymphatic
system and improving the circulation of lymph fluid throughout the body. Secondly, yoga boosts
production of anti-inflammatory hormones which help the body to come back to its natural
balance quickly

Thirdly, practising Pranayama and inhaling, holding and releasing of breath during various
postures helps cleanse our lungs and airways, ousting toxins forcefully and oxygenating blood.

Yoga means union of mind, body and the spirit, with a fine print that says ‘with ease'. So when
we bring our energy in align, with ease we are able to adapt to any external changes, whether
they are coming from viruses, bacteria, funguses, or life events.

Coronavirus pandemic is clearly not just confined to physical body and health are system. It has
thrown enormous challenges for mental health worldwide. Data’s reveal the staggering effects
of Coronavirus due to which anxiety and depression have risen alarmingly all over the world.
This is also believed to be the ground for the diminishing rate of compliance in respect of social
distancing all over the world. Recognizing the significant role of meditation amidst the covid-19
havoc, Harvard Medical School, an authority on Coronavirus Research has recommended its
practice to release stress, anxiety and to enhance the immunity. In its latest guideline it
acknowledged that yoga, meditation are some ‘true and trusted ways to relax. Various scientific
studies have revealed that when a person meditates, his brain functionality under hippocampus
is regulated. This in turn releases stress and improves awareness facilitating control on
emotions of fear, stress and anxiety. This is how meditation will aid in overcoming the
challenges thrown by COVID-19:

● Meditation incredibly improves quality of life, self awareness. Patience, analytical skills,
calmness as are driven away by positive thoughts and actions.
● Since the analytical skill takes over the control of mind, the person is able to think and
act clearly and calmly. The root cause of anxiety, depression is realized and solution is
reached out.
● It helps to remain calm and work with balanced mind during disturbing situations and
● Meditation regulates the mind from a restless, turbulent state to stillness.
● Meditation clears the dust and dirt of mind. When the mind is clear it understands the
uncertain nature of the life better, with understanding comes acceptance, with
acceptance peace.


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