Detoxification is the elimination of potential toxic substances from the body by providing the
body with Abundant and necessary nutrients. Today’s toxic environment exposes us to various
chemicals in day to day life. Be it from the polluted air we breathe, processed food we consume,
various chemicals from cosmetics and household cleaning products, we are subjected to
hundreds of toxins. Add to this , the stress of daily life and the effect it has on body is immense.
Toxic build-up is unavoidable in modern society.

Toxins clog our system and interfere with the proper functioning of the organs. The body
removes toxins through kidneys, liver, intestines, lungs, lymphatic and skin. However, when
these systems are compromised the impurities are not filtered properly and the body is
negatively affected. Getting rid of the toxins is necessary to prevent lethargy, insomnia, obesity,
diabetes, back pain and digestive disorders. Detoxification is vital to stay healthy. Detoxification
not only ensures the proper flow of energy but also boosts our immune system and prevents
chronic diseases.

Here are some effective tips to naturally detox your body.

● Lemon Juice and Ginger

Start your day with a glass of water and freshly squeezed lemon along with some grated ginger
on a empty stomach . This wonder combination has the potential to flush out toxins from the
body. Lemon and ginger together improve digestion and give metabolism a boost. This is by far
the most basic, quickest and easiest home remedy for body detox.

● Green Tea

Swapping caffeinated drinks with green tea will not only clean the digestive system but will also
help in boosting the body ‘s metabolism, facilitating weight loss.

● Fresh Fruit juice

Packaged juice contains artificial flavour enhancers, preservatives, colouring agents and
processed sugar that have negative impact on health. While fresh fruits are loaded with
essential fibers that aid digestion.

● Water- the elixir of life

Keep yourself hydrated all times as your body needs water to produce saliva, helps with
perspiration, and removes waste. For effective detox drink approximately 2 litres of water.

How Water Flushes out toxins?

  1. Ayurveda strongly recommends two cups of Lukewarm water to preserve energy
    throughout the day. This helps the body to clean, energies and remove toxins.
  2. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach is like bathing the body from inside. It helps
    your body digest and eliminate food efficiently.
  3. Since each cell in your body gets hydrated and plumbed by drinking water, be assured
    to get healthy and glowing skin. The improved digestive system flushes out toxins from
    the body.
  4. Water therapy magically melts stubborn fat. This potent drink in the morning will, Kick
    start weight loss and reboot your body. A tough dehydrated body will not burn calories

● Adequate Sleep

Apart from detoxifying the body, it is essential to detoxify the mind as well. Your brain tends to
flush out toxins while you’re sleep as well. “Detoxification” programs may involve a single
process or a variety of approaches. These include:

  1. Selective food diet
  2. Fasting that can be regular or intermittent
  3. Liquid diet
  4. Using herbs
  5. Sauna treatment
  6. Cleaning the colon with laxatives, enemas or colon hydrotherapy
  7. Using dietary supplements
  8. Taking naturopathy treatment.

While detoxification certainly helps in weight loss, cleansing or detoxing is also valuable an
healthy process for those who have undergone heavy pharmaceutical intravenous drugs, or
who have been hospitalised. Its also a must for anyone who has any food intolerance and very
essential if you have been diagnosed with yeast overgrowth. All worthy detoxifying course must
include the essential two way process of ‘remove and replace.


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