In the long haul of health, one's Immunity plays an increasingly important role. Today as the world is facing the havoc of Covid-19, in the absence of any vaccine, the doctors are able to cure to the patients simply by boosting their immune system. Immunity boosting herbs in Ayurveda can work wonders in providing the immune system the necessary potent nutrients and anti-viral properties to become strong enough to withstand new infections.

There are some simple, safe, quick and effective techniques drawn from the science of Ayurveda which are some proven ways to increase your immunity naturally. Recommended below are some of the Wonder herbs to start your immunity boosting journey!


Clove is a flavourful spice that contains Eugenol, a compound that has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties to ward off infections. Another major beneficial factor is its ability to treat colds as it is a high expectorant, and expel mucus and decreases inflammation. It also helps soothe the throat by reducing coughing fits, a prominent symptom of Covid-19.


Due to its popular anti-viral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, neem protects us from ahost
of viral infections, diseases, conditions and problems and harmful toxins. As an immunomodulator, this herb supports the immune system’s function to self-regulate. This works both in situations where the body must increase its level of resistance toward foreign entities and whilst preventing itself from overworking its functions.


It is a popular and widely used spice which acts as an immune stimulator that fights off flu and colds. It also slows down any inflammatory substances which plays a vital role in the way your immune system responds to harmful outside invaders like viruses, germs, bacteria etc.


The host of natural compounds in Pippali sanctified with other uber essential nutrients offers extensive health benefits and is used to treat almost all health anomies. It is considered as an ultimate remedy for all sorts of kapha aggravating disorders like bronchitis, cough and cold, COPD and also helps in releasing phlegm deposits from the respiratory tract.


It is said to be one of the most effective ayurvedic herb as it has bioactive compounds with medicinal properties. One of the most active compound in turmeric is Curcumin which has strong antiinflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It has anti-cancer and fast healing properties.


It is a most commonly found immunity boosting herb that can be consumed for different health benefits. Overall, tulsi helps in relieving lung-related diseases like asthma, bronchitis, congestion, flu, etc.


Giloy is one of the best natural immunoboosters available in nature. It works well from diseases ranging from Cancer, Aids, infections, and colds. Giloy does not cause any negative reactions in patients with autoimmune Problems. Being a strong anti -inflammatory ,Giloy also helps in treating respiratory infections, cold, chronic fevers and cough. It also keeps our body hydrated, purifies blood, removes toxins ,fight bacteria and treat infections.


There is nothing cooler than spearmint fighting off those bacterial diseases! With its potent antibacterial properties, it prevents cell damage against free radicals and is a powerhouse when it comes to maintaining optimal health.


The immune boosting properties of vitamin C are well known. Sweet orange is highly abundant in the nutrient. It helps improve the body’s immune system against microbes such as bacteria fungi.


It is known to possess anti- viral properties, and boost cellular immunity and function. It also ward off various ailments of respiratory as well as digestive tract thereby boosting high immunity.

These potent Ayurvedic herbs are a powerhouse in boosting immunity. Consumption of these wonder herbs is most relevant in the current era where we are forced to battle against numerous viruses and Infections.


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